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Friday Five: The Greatest Job in the World

Happy 2017, folks!  It’s been a long time, and my what a different world this post finds my audience in than did my last, just over a year ago!  The air is rife with tension and a need for non-offensive tension breakers, which leads me to share a few here.

I first discovered the band OK Go a few years back and shared one of their videos here at the Crossroads.  For whatever reason, I only just recently dug further into them, and the further I dug, the further I dug them.

With all due respect to my employer, I’ve been forced to realize that these guys have the greatest job in the world. With catchy retro-pop sound, it’s their videos that sparkle with genius.  These guys use film to manipulate time and space unlike any I’ve seen this side of a Christopher Nolan flick, and I dare claim that the meticulousness of calculation and planning that goes into their videos might even rival Nolan’s, and they do it with such fun zest that I can’t watch without smiling.

In all sincerity, you owe it to yourself to take a few minutes and take these in. Because these are so ambitious, I’ve also provided links to how each video was made.  I hope you enjoy as much as my kids and I have!

  1. The One Moment – Lots of exploding colors. (Click HERE to see behind the scenes.)

2. Upside Down & Inside Out – Lots of synchronized floating. (Click HERE to see behind the scenes.)

3. I Won’t Let You Down – Lots and lots of people and umbrellas filmed by drone. (Click HERE to see behind the scenes.)

4. The Writing’s on the Wall – Lots of crazy illusions realized. (Click HERE to see behind the scenes.)

5. All is Not Lost – Probably one of the most awkwardly filmed videos I’ve ever seen, but the payoff is pretty sweet. (Click HERE to see behind the scenes.)

In closure, I’m going to include a bonus 6th video, just because five is too few with these guys.

6. Last Leaf



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