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Tuesday Tunage – Ode to Old Friends

“Tuesday Tunage” is a spotlight for music I deem worthy of a spotlight. To make it worth all of our time, I’ll do my best to emphasize tunes you probably haven’t heard before that represent the art in all its glorious varieties.

One of my great pleasures in life is hearing good news about an old friend or acquaintance.  I love finding out that someone’s doing well.

As life goes, I’ve grown apart from many old friends.  Blessed with a full family life and employment, opportunities for reuniting with friends from past “seasons” of life come few and far between.

The past few weeks, however, have granted me a number of such opportunities.  I was recently honored to celebrate with one friend, a groomsman in my wedding, as he and his bride opened the doors to their new business, Noble Wine Cellar in Clayton, Georgia.

I was also thrilled to celebrate with another friend, another groomsman in my wedding, on his 40th birthday.

Each occasion brought out other friends whom I hadn’t seen in too long, and I was overjoyed to see them all doing so well.

Kevn Kinney is one of my favorite singer-songwriters.  Across albums like McDougal Blues, Broken Hearts & Auto Parts, Down Outlaw, and others, he offers many songs laced with such rich, romantic nostalgia that his music frequently leaves me feeling like I have just found an old friend again.

In tribute to the spirit of renewing old acquaintances, here is a tune from Kinney’s 2001 album The Flower and The Knife that declares, “It’s always nice to see an old friend again!”

I hope you enjoy!




3 comments on “Tuesday Tunage – Ode to Old Friends

  1. fb1guy
    September 1, 2015
  2. fb1guy
    September 1, 2015

    Sorry didnt mean to put that

  3. Grande Falcone
    September 1, 2015

    I just watched it and was wondering! 🙂 Thanks for checking out the blog though!

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