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Movie Review: The Conspiracy – 2012, Christopher MacBride

After seeing The Blair Witch Project in 1999, I always enjoy a well-done “found footage” movie.  These movies are presented as though filmed by the characters themselves (usually deceased) and thus take on homey, amateur, documentary-like feel that, when done right, can really amplify the suspense factor.

My favorites, like the original Blair Witch, the first two Paranormal Activity movies, Chronicle, and one or two others, have focused on the supernatural, and the genre is well-suited for those subjects.

The Conspiracy movieThe Conspiracy, however, is a gem I recently unearthed on Netflix that takes the genre in a different direction, capitalizing on today’s ever-growing popularity of conspiracy theories.

Filmmakers Aaron and Jim set out to make a documentary on conspiracy theories.  When their primary conspiracy theorist subject, Terrance (expertly portrayed by Alan C. Peterson), suddenly disappears, they are forced to re-question everything he had been trying to tell them and follow him down the proverbial rabbit hole.

The result is one heck of an indy-film thrill ride.  Sure, at times, the drama between the filmmakers gets a touch thick, and yes, some disbelief must be suspended, but by the film’s climax, I’d decided that The Conspiracy had earned its place among my favorite found footage flicks.

The Conspiracy score: 4 Falcone Rings

4 Falcone Rings


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