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Wednesday Wordplay – A Curious Lovechild

Big Yellow MisterI knew we had a spray can of nasal mist somewhere, a big yellow can, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.  And my nasal passages were totally stuffed!

After much searching, I finally asked my bride if she knew where it was.  I couldn’t remember what the stuff was called, only its big yellow can, so the description I found escaping my lips was, “Christy, where’s that big yellow mister?”

I immediately chuckled at the image that came to mind.  None other than John Wayne, in his standard manly posture, saying, “Well hello there, pilgrim, I’m Big Yella Mister.”

Of course, John Wayne’s standard persona was no “Big Yella Mister”, so the next image that came to mind made me chuckle even more: Big Yella Mister as the lovechild of John Wayne and Curious George’s beloved “Man with the Yellow Hat”.

Now that’s a Big Yella Mister!  Now, about my nasal passages . . .

Big Yella Mister


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