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Merry Christmas, Crossroaders!

Hi Everyone, just dropping a quick note to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  Many thanks for following Falcone’s Crossroads throughout 2014, and I hope and pray that you may be warmed today by the good news of Our Lord’s birth.

I’m always humbled as I wrap up a model car or video game this time of year and stop to reflect on those for whom I wrap such gifts for.  The lives of my bride and my children, along with other family and friends, demonstrate the generosity of a God who is the model gifter.  Thank God for giving me such wonderful companions in this life!

Life itself, so full of challenges and hopes and dreams, is the most precious gift, and today, I am overjoyed to celebrate the birth of Jesus, who gave his own life to give life to so many others!

May my prayers for peace reach all of you on this day.  Merry Christmas, Crossroaders!

Mary and Baby Jesus


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