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Happy Blog Birthday, Blog!

4th Birthday candleHard to believe, but today marks four years since I kicked off Falcone’s Crossroads!  Many thanks to all the “Crossroaders” out there who encourage me by following along.

The past year marks a little step back from the previous year with regards to new content, which naturally resulted in fewer views and fewer new subscribers.  That said, I’m excited to announce that Falcone’s Crossroads recently gained its 400th subscriber.  Pretty cool!

By the Numbers

140 total posts (compared to 310 the previous year)

Over 12,000 views from 88 different countries.(compared to 21,000 the previous year!)

123 new subscribers (compared to 186 the previous year!)

As you know, Falcone’s Crossroads is an intersection of a wide range of topics. Here, you’ll find a little art, a little music, a little cooking, a little football, and even the occasional politics and religion sprinkled in.  You might not be interested in everything I have to say, but hopefully you’ll never find yourself bored during a visit.

Thanks again to all of you who have checked out my blog over the past year!




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