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So Long, Sweet Summer

Each summer passes more quickly than the last.  Between work pressures that engulfed a lot of this summer and our schools reeling in the new year’s start date once more, this one flew by.  Despite its brevity and lack of proper “vacation,” my family was still able to make the most of it, but it remains a bittersweet time of year.

This morning, as I walked from the bus stop across my lawn, I noticed a little patch of leaves already gone red on one of our dogwood trees, and it inspired this little poem.

+   +   +

First red leaves on the dogwood tree

Our birds flew for school this morning

So I mourn in their wakes, and I longingly ache

So long to dear sweet Summer

I’ll miss your mid-week movie nights and somewhat sleeping in

Swimming in pools, relaxing, and laughing with the kids

But now the needle touches down, recatching the record’s spin

Crackling dust and vinyl to hatch a new melody from within

I pray that we, too, can find joyful new grooves to

Drown those old rackets renewed

Morning buses, evening rushes

Shuffling papers, and nagging for A’s

(. . . dramatic sigh . . .)

It was such a wonderful visit, dear Summer

I wish you could’ve stayed


One comment on “So Long, Sweet Summer

  1. mdmack
    August 6, 2014

    Nice, fun, and sad to see schools starting again so early.

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