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Friday Five – Atlanta’s High Museum of Art

The High Museum of Art in Atlanta is hosting an exhibition called Dream Cars.  My youngest son, Caleb, is a fanatic for exotic and concept cars, so we thought summer break was a good time to take the family to the museum.

I signed an agreement not to publish pictures of anything on exhibit, so if you want to see the cars, you’ll have to click the link above.  Meantime, here are five pictures of the museum itself.


High Museum

IIHigh Museum skylight

IIIHigh Museum windows

IVHigh Museum skylights

VHigh Museum B&W

Funny thing, my eldest son stood before many of the works in a contemporary exhibit and wondered aloud how anyone could consider them “art.”  Not long after, I spotted Caleb as an unwitting subject for my own artistic photograph.  I call it, “Boy at a Museum.”

What do you think . . . art?   Sure, why not!

Boy at a Museum

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