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Owego, New York

Owego, NY mapLast week, my job took me to a delightful village in upstate New York, called Owego (not to be confused with Oswego, which is located further upstate).

This was my first trip to New York, and while I look forward to one day seeing Manhattan, I’m glad I got to see this side of the state first.

I was only there for a short stay, but I was so charmed by the place that I seized an opportunity to stroll around and capture some pictures. Hope you enjoy!

Owego village

Owego windows B&W

Owego Cat Bench

St Patrick's School Owego

Just outside the village is a historic district of beautiful old homes.

Owego historic district

Owego blue house II

Owego blue house

I spoke with the elderly gentlemen who owns the home with the round porch pictured below.  His grandfather built it in 1899, and the man living there now was actually born there.

Owego Porch

I loved the way this Japanese Maple complemented this charming gingerbread-style home.

Owego red gingerbread

Owego green house

The below home had “Americana” written all over it!

Owego brick entry

Owego Americana window

An abandoned old home provided great B&W material. Owego abandoned B&W

Nestled between the Susquehanna River and the Catskill Mountains, the area is rich in scenery.

Owego railroad

Owego drainage

Owego stone wall

In 2011, a tropical storm swelled the river some 16 feet above normal and flooded the village.  As you can see below, the river offered only serene beauty during my visit.

Susquehanna Reflections II

Susquehanna Reflections Susquehanna B&W II

Owego Sky

Yankee-style small town charm runs deep in Owego, New York.  Definitely a place I’d love to revisit with my wife one day.


4 comments on “Owego, New York

  1. amilejessica
    July 14, 2014

    Glad someone else is appreciating all upstate NY has to offer!

  2. Grande Falcone
    July 14, 2014

    It was a beautiful place! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Casey Fitzpatrick
    July 14, 2014

    Steve, circaoldhouses.com is the most amazing place- I have so many old homes I hope are still for sale when we buy a house! Beautiful homes much like these pictured for sale all over the country. I love old homes!

  4. Grande Falcone
    July 14, 2014

    Wow, what a cool website to visit and dream! Thanks for suggesting! I’m sure you’ve seen a whole different set of old homes in Europe!

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