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Wednesday Wordplay – Blogging Retarded

Attentive Crossroaders might have noticed that my posting has dwindled to a trickle of late.

Over the past six weeks, my day job has grown into a day and night job, requiring an exorbitant amount of conference calls both during and long after standard working hours.  Hence, my blog output has grown retarded.

Er, so to speak.

Well, what’s a little misery if you can’t laugh at it, and one good thing I can say has come from all these recent conference calls is today’s tiny contribution to Wednesday Wordplay.

You’re all familiar with collars.  You might be wearing one right now, and if you’re not, then your pet probably is.  The main collar I wear these days is an LG stereo headset.  It’s a great little Bluetooth headset that lets me listen to music on the odd chance that I can get out for a walk.

These days, however, I use it primarily for making conference calls.  You could call it my “conference collar.”

Conference Collar

Not sure when my next post will come, but it will come at some point, so stay tuned . . .



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