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Falcone’s “Wall of Sound”

Six months ago, I gave readers a peak into our renovated basement, including my new home office and aspiring “man cave.”

Today I’m excited to share that I’ve finally made some more progress with its makeover, adding my own “wall of sound!”

Wall mounted guitars

It’s been a few years since I’ve seriously played any guitar.  Life just reached a point where simply having to pull my acoustic guitar out of its case or plug in either of my electrics were obstacles enough to dissuade me from playing at all.  I’ve long longed for a “ready to roll” set up, and I now finally have it.

I’m not your everyday handyman, so building this custom wall rack for my guitars was a real accomplishment for me.  I must say, I’m pretty pleased with the results!  Throw in the fixed keyboard setup, and I hope that I will find it easier to get my “musical juices” flowing again! Guitar rack up close



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