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Friday Five – Dungeness Ruins

Cumberland Island is home to the picturesque ruins of Dungeness, this once 59-room  mansion constructed by the family of Thomas Carnegie.  The mansion was completed in the late 1880’s and was destroyed by fire in in 1959.

The island is also home to a neat array of wildlife, including feral horses.  I saw the horses on the beach during my first visit to the island almost 20 years ago but did not see them when I returned to the island a few years later.  During our most recent visit, we encountered a group of the horses at the ruins.  It was a majestic scene.

Today, I share five more black & whites from our trip, this time from Dungeness.  Enjoy!


Dungeness ruins


Dungeness doorway

IIIDungeness & white horse

IVDungeness horses

VDungeness moon window


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