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Face It!

We recently got some chuckles around our house with this classic silly glasses, nose & mustache set – hey, I never claimed to be sophisticated!

Silly face kit

Being passed around so many hands, even such a fine, durable piece of equipment such as this is bound to exude some fragility, and before long, the glasses fell off, leaving just the nose and mustache.

Silly face folks

Now, if you’ll look closely, you’ll see that between the first and second pictures of me above, I’m actually wearing different clothes, indicating that, yes, I was indeed entertained by this little get-up across multiple days.  Again, I never claimed any sophistication.

But, more than that, as I tinkered with my nose and mustache – the toy ones, not my real ones – I serendipitously caught sight of the pair beneath our kitchen light and saw them suddenly transformed into what appears to be the face of some new claymation villain.  As you can see in the background, even baby Catherine gave a start at the realization!

Face it! Nose & Mustache

Very truly, faces are everywhere . . . even where they’re not!



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