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Tuesday Tunage – Santigold

“Tuesday Tunage” is a weekly spotlight for music I deem worthy of a spotlight. To make it worth all of our time, I’ll do my best to emphasize tunes you probably haven’t heard before that represent the art in all its glorious varieties.

SantigoldA couple weeks back, I scored 24 Hours of Classical Music – The Perfect Start to Your Collection off iTunes for $9.99.  I immediately set about sifting through it for keepers and tossers, consequently listening to almost nothing but classical music for two weeks straight.  Full orchestras, string quartets, solo pianists and classical guitarists, and church choirs.  At $9.99, it was a great value, but they weren’t lying about the duration, and I’ve found that it takes a looooong time to make it through 24 hours of music in my world.

So, today feels like a good day for me to put my tails back in my wardrobe, throw on my grungiest denim and flannel, and serve up some tunage that’s a little more “in your face” than normal.

SantigoldSantigold (formerly Santogold) is the stage name for Santi White, a singer-songwriter-producer whose influences are all over the map.  It’s not everyday you hear an artist cite James Brown and Devo among her major influences, but then again, Santigold is not your everyday artist.  That much is clear from the opening vocals of her first single, 2007’s “Creator,” which Drowned in Sound‘s Alex Denney described as “one of the most irritating vocals ever committed to tape. . . . like having seagulls wheel and circle above only to swoop down to peck ferociously at your bleeding bonce.”

Denney has a point.  “Creator” definitely tempts a first timer to hit “skip” only 10 seconds in, but for the sonically adventurous, perseverance pays off with a diverse catalog of songs, from the ’80’s-infused pop delight “Lights Out” to the dub groove of “Shove it.”

Several Santigold tunes are worthy of the “Tuesday Tunage” spotlight, but I’m sorry, after two weeks of listening to 24 Hours of Classical Music, it’s time to bring on the “seagulls!”  Click the following link for “Creator.”  [NOTE: song contains some bad words]

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