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Wednesday Wordplay – “Hotlanta”?

You might recall how a couple inches of snow crippled “Hotlanta” just two weeks ago.  Atlanta’s ineptitude in dealing with that storm system even drew the eyes of the writers at Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show, who both crafted sweet teases that poured a little salt into our poor, frozen sweet teas.  Click on each show’s name above to view the clips.

Not the proudest moment for my region.

Today, we’re receiving an encore, and Mother Nature is stepping up her act,Chewbacca on Hoth preparing our ground with a healthy dose of ice before following with several inches of forecasted snow.

The good news is that we Atlantans appear to have wisened up collectively and planned accordingly.  The bad news is that we might need to consider changing our city’s “Hotlanta” nickname.

In a clever Star Wars reference of my nephews* suggested we go with “Hothlanta”.  I’m leaning more toward Atlantarctica, myself.  If we manage to come through this latest winter storm system with our civilization intact, maybe we can bring it up for debate.

But until then . . . BRRRRR!

*Note: My nephew has informed me that he wishes to be credited for his cleverness by name, so . . .  thank you KYLE! 🙂


2 comments on “Wednesday Wordplay – “Hotlanta”?

  1. RadiowaveX
    February 12, 2014

    Kyle’s on to something: While passing through Five Points 2-weeks ago I had to dodge what looked like an adult male Tauntaun.

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