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Escape to New Orleans: Different Perspectives

As you can tell from my previous posts, Christy and I really enjoyed our New Orleans getaway.  I’ve taken a pretty focused approach with the posts, so far, but I’m going carte blanche with this epic photo finish.   I hope you enjoy!

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Just across the street from Immaculate Conception Church is the Roosevelt Hotel, which features an exquisite entrance.

Roosevelt Hotel entrance

Roosevelt Hotel entrance

Roosevelt Hotel entrance ceiling

And right next door is the snazziest Walgreens I’ve ever seen!

Canal Street Walgreens

A streetcar named . . . RTA?


Here are various black & whites from the trip.

B&W corridor

Court of Two Sisters

B&W New Orleans

LA Supreme Court

B&W Roof

St. Joan of Arc

Even with all the sights to see at ground level, you can’t forget to keep looking up!

French Quarter courtyard

French Quarter balcony

French Quarter catwalks

French Quarter corner balconies

New Orleans skyward     Louisiana Pizza Kitchen

And now a final collection of different perspectives.

Monteleone corridor

French Market, New Orleans

Need A/C?

Rustic French Quarter night

Dynamic Duo

Bourbon Street bar

Blues Bar

French Quarter building bleached

Well, that about does it.  Not to “toot my own horn,” but I do like to toot my own horn, and I hope I did a good job of bringing you all a little taste of “the Big Easy” over the past couple weeks.  Until next time, then, au revoir!

Bourbon Street margarita


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    February 6, 2014



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