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Escape to New Orleans: St. Louis Cathedral

St. Louis Cathedral is the oldest continually operating cathedral in the United States.  After enjoying beignets and coffee at Café du Monde, Christy and I were thrilled to celebrate Epiphany with Mass in this beautiful, historic building.

As I said in my last post, this was one of the most photogenic places I’ve ever visited, so as a result, I took tons of photos.  I’ve tried to pick the best to share with my readers, but it was difficult to exclude many, so I apologize in advance for any overkill.





Now, for a look inside.  Truly a stunning place to worship.

St. Louis Cathedral - Sanctuary portrait

St. Louis Cathedral - Sanctuary landscape



St. Louis Cathedral - pipe organ

St. Louis Cathedral - ceiling  St. Louis Cathedral - ceiling

It’s hard to top this beautiful place, but I think I have one more New Orleans post left to share.  Be sure to check back in coming days for the exciting conclusion of our “Escape to New Orleans!”


2 comments on “Escape to New Orleans: St. Louis Cathedral

  1. mdmack
    January 31, 2014

    Pictures are beautiful. Love them. It is amazing how beautiful it is. Mom


  2. Gede Prama
    February 1, 2014

    visit your blog, read an interesting article. thank you friends for sharing and greetings compassion 🙂

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