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Snowy Atlanta gridlockSnow hit the south yesterday and showed the world just how inept a southern population can be at handling it.   Up to three and a half inches of snow fell in parts of metro Atlanta and froze the entire city in surreal fashion.

As I readied for bed last night, I was shocked to see updates from friends whose typical hour long commute had taken six hours in the snow.  Then, this morning, I awoke to hear from friends who had spent all night trying to get home, spending up to 16 hours trying to make it home from their normal daily commute.  To put it in perspective, that’s the equivalent time of a traffic-free drive from Atlanta to Rhode Island! 

I seriously can’t fathom it.  What about parents whose kids were stranded?  Not to mention parents whose kids were stuck in the car with them for all that time?  Weather.com reports that at least one baby was born in the gridlock.  To that end, what about anyone in need of medication?  Or low on gas?  Or in dire need of a simple toilet?

ISeriously. Don't.n a perfect world, everyone would adhere to the famous Boy Scout Motto, to “Always be prepared,” but this whole affair is a case study in how not to be prepared, at all levels.

Just plain crazy.



2 comments on “Gridlocked

  1. mdmack
    January 29, 2014

    This was certainly and unreal event and hard to even imagine.Should teach everyone to have a few bottles of water and some crackers and peanut butter in the car all the time or apples or something depending on the age of the passengers…. Also that extra blanket or more that they tell you to always have in the car. Good article. Mom


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