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Escape to New Orleans: Hotel Monteleone

Sometime in November, Christy told me that she was giving me a trip for Christmas this year.  Her parents had volunteered to watch our kids and give us three nights away to ourselves (bless their hearts!).   We decided we wanted to go somewhere that met the following criteria:

  1. Further south
  2. Somewhere we hadn’t been before
  3. Far enough away that we’d need to fly
  4. Not so far away that we’d spend all our time traveling

We settled on New Orleans, and after fitting little pieces of planning into busy lives here and there, we somehow managed to follow through.  And we had a great time!

Instead of boring you with too many words, I’m going to use my next few posts to share images from our trip.

For today, just a few shots from our hotel, the Hotel Monteleone.  The landmark hotel was a favorite of authors Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams, and William Faulkner.  You can add this aspiring author to that list, as well, because I loved it!  Its fantastic French Quarter location and elegant design made it a memorable home base during our stay.

Hotel Monteleone front

We arrived on the day of the Sugar Bowl, and the lobby was overrun with Oklahoma and Alabama fans trying to convince bipartisans that the schools really didn’t share the same colors.  As game time approached, however, they left and revealed a beautiful lobby, tastefully decorated for Christmas.

Monteleone lobby

The famous Carousel Lounge adjoins the lobby and is referenced in many works of fiction.


Our room was smallish and our view mediocre, but it provided a quaint and comfortable respite from the festivities outside.


The hotel features a heated rooftop pool, but the cold wind shooed me quickly back inside to photograph this lovely corridor instead.

Rooftop corridor

Such was our home away from home during our stay in New Orleans.  Check back throughout the week as I share more pictures from our stay!


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