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Purple Maestro and Blue Tiny Girl

Saturday night, I had the pleasure of taking my eldest daughter, Maddie, to our third Girl Scouts Father-Daughter Dance.  It had a “masquerade” theme, so, naturally, we went all out!

Purple Maestro & Blue Tiny Girl

My 4-year old daughter wanted badly to go with us, but tonight was for her big sister and me.  She should have plenty other chances at future dances.

Power Trio

We enjoyed the silliness of it all and moved outside for a couple more fun pictures before departing for dinner and then dancing.  We stood there together on the front lawn, straight-faced and waving at cars driving by.  Then, as soon as each passed, we would both erupt in devilish laughter, enjoying our little joke on the world.

Purple Maestro & Blue Tiny Girl

On the road, we discussed what our superhero names should be.  I proclaimed myself Purple Maestro, and Maddie chose Blue Tiny Girl.  Purple Maestro and Blue Tiny Girl then descended on a local Subway restaurant to keep it safe while we chowed on a quick dinner.

As I ate a salad, I found it funny to imagine a masked superhero taking a break from fighting crime to grab a quick bite, in costume.  You just don’t picture the Dark Knight eating.

Subway Superhero Selfie

At Subway, a slightly older gentlemen struck up a conversation with me and asked if we were out for a Father-Daughter dance.  Despite a strong temptation to do otherwise, I broke character and admitted that we were.  His eyes lit up and he fondly recalled the many he had attended with his own daughters who had now outgrown them and moved along.  It was a nice shared moment among strangers (well, and stranger-ers!), then we were off to the dance!

When we arrived at the actual masquerade.  Maddie looked around the dance floor at all the dads (most in simple coats and ties) and all the daughters and commented how much younger all the girls looked.  At this, I scanned the floor and realized she was right.  Maddie was suddenly, clearly among the three oldest scouts at the dance.

She’s growing up.  Thank God she’ll still slow dance with me.  But how many more times?  I think of the man at Subway who was so fond of these times, and I remember to hold these moments dear.  Always so dear.

I don’t know if I’ll share another Father-Daughter dance with Maddie or not, but I loved this night.  We had a great time together, sharing food, smiles, dances, and laughs.  More than anything in this world, I hope we always can.

Dynamic Duo

Note to fellow fathers: Though my superhero persona forbade me from smiling outwardly for these pictures, I was absolutely tickled inside. Your kids grow up in about an hour’s time, so please, please try to spend as much of that “hour” as possible being goofy with them!



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