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Re-inventing the Wheel (to Lose the Spare Tire)

Happy 2014, Everyone!

It’s been a while since I stepped into “the Weigh Station.”  What else can I say but that old habits die hard!

I started 2013 down sixty-five pounds from where I started the year before.  I spent much of 2013 scratching and clawing to maintain that loss.  Then I spent a few months crawling back up in weight.  Finally, I gave up again, and watched my weight skyrocket as the year drew to a close.

A number of things factored into my regression.  I had a plantar wart that knocked me “off my stride” as far as exercise.  Then there were kidney stones.  And work pressures and tight schedules that made it easy to take the easy way out on meals.

Kong MotivationBut, of course, it’s the waning willpower that tells the true story.  I just lost the will to keep fighting the good fight.

I started 2014 weighing 293.6 pounds, or about 45 higher than a year ago.  It’s a bummer to have slid so far, but I’m still 20 pounds better than my highest weight.  That’s something, at least.

It’s funny, when you bounce back and forth along a weight range enough times, you start noticing certain symptoms tied to certain weights.  When my weight climbed to 265-270 pounds, I started noticing my cheeks in my peripheral vision again.  Around 275, I started really feeling the “fat suit” sensation again.  Bleh! I hate that!  My flexibility really diminished around 285, and a “good night’s sleep” now (again) leaves my lower back in a lurch by morning.

The good news is that, as my weight decreases, these symptoms decrease accordingly.  My lowest weight during my 2012 challenge was 242 pounds, and I felt so much better.  I have to wonder what other gems of good-feeling will be revealed with further weight loss.  What other symptoms, what other aches and pains have I learned to live with over the 15 or 16 years so that I don’t even notice them today?  How much better could my life be if I would only persevere against these food addictions and melt away this excess baggage?

It’s time, again, to find out.  My devoted bride and I have pledged again to take charge and re-build the momentum we enjoyed a year ago.  I’ll keep interested readers posted as our busy schedule allows.  Thanks again for any prayers and cosmic encouragement you can send our way!

3 comments on “Re-inventing the Wheel (to Lose the Spare Tire)

  1. mdmack
    January 9, 2014

    Congratulations and good luck with being successful. I think the entire country is becoming more aware of weight now so the resturants and groceries stores are more healthful to go with the flow. Mom


  2. Bellerophon
    January 9, 2014

    I discovered the sporting game of disc golf. Great for solo play, adult play, children/adult (family) play. There’s courses near where you work and live (you can even play at work…and play is the Best exercise)……. ℬ

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