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Friday Five – “Naughty-Makin’ Weekend!”

It’s crunch time, folks.  Time for that last-minute inventory of how naughty we’ve been, and how nice.

While most of us aspire to be as nice as possible during the home stretch to Christmas, many of us still find ourselves being a little naughty.  Whether we’re stiff-arming our fellow shoppers to reach that clutch gift before they can or we’re leveraging Santa Claus to get our kids to behave altogether more calmly and rationally than we ever did as kids this time of year . . . the naughtiness still gets to the very best of us.

In recent years, my family has channeled naughtiness productively by implementing a tradition we like to call “Naughty-Makin’ Weekend.”

Now, don’t worry . . . this isn’t my way of announcing another new baby next September!  Instead, “Naughty-Makin’ Weekend” is the time we churn out as much candy as possible before Christmas.  For a chunk of one whole weekend, give or take, we have some level of candy-making activity going on at all times.

For this final pre-Christmas Friday Five, I thought I’d tempt you to drool over the fruits from this year’s Naughty-Makin’ Weekend!

1 & 2) Chocolate dipped Nutter Butter cookies and white chocolate dipped Mint Oreos.

Mint Oreos

3) Nutter Butter Snowmen!

Nutter Butter Snowmen

4) Turtle pretzelsTurtle Pretzels

5) And the king . . . BUCKEYES! (My wife makes the best!)Buckeyes

Naughty, naughty!  But oh, so nice!  

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One comment on “Friday Five – “Naughty-Makin’ Weekend!”

  1. Christie
    December 23, 2013

    Ha! That’s hilarious! Great name! 🙂

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