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Rainbow Valley

The California sky welcomed me warmly during my recent visit to Silicon Valley.  During my week there, I enjoyed two particularly lovely sunsets, my first ever lenticular cloud, and a rare case of rainbows on consecutive days.

This particular rainbow forced me to pull over and photograph it.  Not only is it possibly the tallest one I’ve ever seen, but it also contains a depth that I’ve never seen in one.

I’ve seen a double rainbow before, even a triple rainbow once, but in those cases, each rainbow was separate, embracing an increasingly large arc in the sky.  Here, you can see three stacked fairly clearly, and if you look closely, there are “ghosts” of up to another three trailing behind, stacked like a deck of cards!

Stacked Rainbows

It lost some of its vibrancy during my attempts to pull over in traffic, but the effect is still there.  It was a beautiful moment!Stacked Rainbows 2

Enjoy the rest of your day!


One comment on “Rainbow Valley

  1. thatisthegoodstuff
    December 11, 2013

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