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Mass at the Shrine of Our Lady of Peace

I recently spent a week in Silicon Valley, on business.  I risked taking my Nikon camera this time, in case I had the opportunity to shoot anything interesting.  Santa Clara’s Shrine of Our Lady of Peace was one place I’d wanted to visit, if possible, because I’d heard it had a particularly impressive statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

On Tuesday evening, I bolted over between meetings at sunset, without my Nikon, just basically to make sure I could find the place.  I circled the grounds briefly before finding the 32-foot tall stainless steel statue standing gorgeous before a falling evening sky.  I snapped a couple pictures with my iPhone to capture the moment and hoped to make it back with my Nikon on another day.

Next day, I had a window from a few minutes before five o’clock until six o’clock, when my day of meetings would end with a dinner.  When I left my office, I verified the restaurant was only ten minutes away from the office.  I didn’t pay attention to where the restaurant was, only that it was close and therefore gave me time to get back to the Shrine and get a couple shots with the Nikon.  The sky was gray and wouldn’t be as picturesque as the evening before, but it was worth a “shot”.

I arrived about ten after five and desired to drop into the sanctuary for a brief moment of prayer and reflection.  I was surprised to find a decent crowd inside and the altar being prepared.  Oh, I thought, there must be Mass at 5:30.  I thought it sure would be nice to attend but that there was no way I could then be on time for my six o’clock.  So, I decided I’d just stick around for a few minutes and leave before Mass got underway.

Then Mass started.  At 5:15.

Oops! Nothing I could do about it now.  I reasoned that Mass would conclude by six and that I’d just have to be, worst case, fifteen minutes late to dinner.  So, I enjoyed Mass.

After it concluded and I stepped out on the sidewalk, I immediately refreshed my directions to the restaurant and chuckled at what a read.  The time was 5:55, and the restaurant was right across the street!  I was right on time for dinner.

I never did get a picture of the statue with my Nikon, but I got a friendly, funny little reminder of something greater.  And that shot from my iPhone turned out pretty nice, too!

Our Lady of Peace statue


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