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Falcone’s Crossroads Welcomes #300!

Falcone’s Crossroads recently turned three years old, so I was thrilled yesterday, when (with help from “the strippers, JFK and Stalin”) I received my 300th subscriber!

300 movie posterThree years and 300 subscribers reflects a nice, symmetric correlation that gives me hope that this blog is almost certain to hit the big time sometime this millenium!

All joking aside, I sincerely thank you all for making Falcone’s Crossroads part of your online wanderings.

To help readers navigate, posts are divided into the categories described below. You can access them either by clicking on the names below or at any time in the sidebar menu to the left.

Falcone’s Crossroads “Visitors’ Guide”

Crossing GuardHere is “the island of misfit topics,” a hodgepodge of anything that doesn’t fit neatly into the other categories listed below.

L’Avenue d’Artiste – A stroll down L’Avenue d’Artiste will introduce you my artistic side, including original drawings, songs, fictional works, poems, and photography.

Loafers Lane – Loafers Lane subdivides into the following districts of therapeutic non-productivity:

  • Books & Film Mostly movie reviews, with some book talk sprinkled in.
  • Food & Drink Recipes, restaurant suggestions, etc..
  • Football SquawkLifelong Atlanta Falcons fan here, and this is where I squawk.
  • Music Notes The catch-all for music talk, including all “Tuesday Tunage” content.
  • General Loafing For non-specific non-productive matters.

Periodicals Parkway – I no longer maintain these as often as I’d like, but Periodicals Parkway offers several recurring themes to help see you through each week.

  • The Monday JumpA weekly quote to help jump-start your Monday (unless I need my own jump start!).
  • Tuesday TunageA weekly spotlight for “unsung” music I deem worthy of a spotlight.
  • Wednesday WordplayA witty weekly “hump day” sedative.
  • Friday FiveA general category for categories, everything from beach photos to pics of noses (yes, “pics” as in “pictures”).

Philosophers’ Row – From the Higgs boson to the Holy Ghost, here are topics worthy of deeper consideration.

The Weigh Station – Weekly “weigh-ins” on my efforts to lose 100 pounds. Yeah, I gotta get back into this one.

I invite you to take time to peruse Falcone’s Crossroads, and I think you’ll find that there’s a little something for everyone.  If you find something for you, then by all means, pile on for the ride!



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