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“Lucky to Be” at Church

If you were a child in the 1980’s, then chances are that you remember well when Lucky Charms cereal revolutionized childhood by introducing (of all things!) “purple horseshoes” to its mix.  For some reason, among all the gobs of advertising that I now realize was hammering away at my developing mind, that’s one that really stands out in my memory.

Well, at a church breakfast on Sunday, I noticed a box of Lucky Charms cereal.  My family generally doesn’t bring such cereals into our home, since they’re basically poison, so it had been a while since I’d gotten the “scoop” on what old Lucky’s “bringing to the table” these days.

This box boasted, “Now with 3 rainbows!

My first thought was, Really?  Is this the best their marketing guys can come up with these days?  Just more of what’s already there? 

I mentioned it to a friend, who responded, jokingly, that it was probably some nod to the gay community.

Lucky PeopleNow, if you haven’t noticed, there’s a ton of paranoia in our society today.  Everyone’s so threatened.  As I wrote following the Great Straight Chicken Ballyhoo of 2012, most of  this paranoia is driven by an agnostic mainstream media that worships only ratings and seeks those ratings by exploiting prejudicial fault lines.  As such, I tend to roll my eyes at some of the assertions I hear.

But my friend’s quip wasn’t one of “right wing paranoia,” just a reflexive quip.  And I laughed.

Nevertheless, his quip was spot on!  It turns out that General Mills is indeed using Lucky Charms cereal to drive its #LuckyToBe diversity campaign that celebrates the LGBT community.

Who knew?

Now, this story broke back in July, so if I overslept a breakfast cereal encore to the war on food sexuality due to my admitted efforts to remain unplugged from the mainstream media, then I apologize for re-opening any old wounds here.  I’m just shocked that, after Chick-fil-A COO Dan Cathy’s statement honoring “traditional family” last year created such a media maelstrom that even I couldn’t ignore, General Mills was now able to bring an established, everyday brand of children’s cereal “out of the closet” so quietly that I only discovered it by the happenstance of finding a gay leprechaun and three lucky rainbows on the breakfast table at church.

Can I get a witness?

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