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Friday Five – Random Asia Pictures

I’ve been sifting through old pictures on my hard drive, for a project I’m working on, and came across pictures from my trip to Asia a few years back.  I’ve written about certain aspects of my trip, over the years, but surprisingly, I can’t find where I ever posted any pictures.

Here are five to correct that.  Enjoy!

1) Incheon Bridge, South Korea


2) Entrance to some place called Club Red, though I never could figure out where that name came from.20101007230446

3) Random street shot.  Not sure where I was when I took this, but I’ve always just loved the shot. 20101011154428

4) Zhuhai Shrimp!  20101014194225

5) The last night of my trip was a Friday night in Hong Kong.  My flight was at 7AM the following morning, so my choice, as I saw it, was either to just crash as soon as I got to my hotel on Friday evening or to stay up all night.  How often do you get to enjoy Hong Kong on a Friday night?  Yeah, I chose the second option.IMG_3210

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