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Photo Shoot: Snellville United Methodist Church

If I wasn’t excited about learning to use my camera before my trip to the mountains, I certainly am now!

My camera is becoming my constant companion around town.  While I flood Flickr with my growing amateur portfolio, I’ll also be posting a good selection to share here at Falcone’s Crossroads.

Here is a shoot I recently did at Snellville United Methodist Church on a beautiful afternoon in Snellville, Georgia.  Since its establishment in 1883, the church has grown into a truly unique and beautiful place of worship, featuring tons of rough-hewn rock and gorgeous archways. I hope you enjoy!

Snellville UMC

Snellville UMC

Snellville UMC chapel

Snellville UMC garden

Snellville UMC garden alcove

Snellville UMC walkway

Snellville UMC garden archway

Snellville UMC steeple

Here are some other shots that turned out really well as black and whites.

Snellville UMC B&W

Snellville UMC chapel B&W

Snellville UMC chapel B&W

Snellville UMC walkway B&W

Snellville UMC archway B&W Be sure to follow me on Flickr, username grandefalcone, (and Pinterest, for that matter) if you want to see more!

3 comments on “Photo Shoot: Snellville United Methodist Church

  1. mdmack
    September 25, 2013

    This is a beautiful church. Snellville Methodists and the city of Snellville is blessed to have such a wonderful church. Love Mom


  2. Sean Breslin
    September 25, 2013

    Looks so much like the church I attend in East Cobb, St. Ann’s Catholic, that it’s almost creepy.


  3. Grande Falcone
    September 25, 2013

    Sean, thanks for stopping in! I did a quick google for St. Ann’s, but the pics were limited. Looks like similar archway elements.

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