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My Mountain Retreat part 2 – Wine on Tiger Mountain

This is the second in a series documenting my recent wonderful trip to the north Georgia mountains.  Click HERE if you missed the first!

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Looking back on childhood, I remember thinking my dad didn’t have any friends.  It wasn’t until I became a father that I realized he had friends but that, between family and work, he just didn’t have time to keep up with them.

My friend Jabe is one such example from my own life.  Before last weekend, I hadn’t spoken to Jabe or seen his beautiful family in nearly two years.  But as it happens, Jabe is a vintner for Tiger Mountain Vineyards, located just a stone’s throw down the road from Covecrest, and I was glad to catch him in the fields after I left the camp.

Sometimes, I wonder what it will be like to finally reconnect with an old friend after so many years and life changes, but I usually find myself amazed by how little the friendship has changed and just how natural these reunions feel.  Reconnecting with Jabe was as natural as a new breath of air, and equal the blessing.

His delightful little son Fenton had joined him “at the office” for the day, and Jabe treated us to a tasty traditional Mexican lunch before he showed me the “dummy’s ropes” to winemaking back at winery.

The winery itself is tastefully adorned in vibrant purple, yellow, and red, but it also sits on a gorgeous rolling countryside punctuated by its charming Red Barn Cafe.

Here are a few pics.

Red Barn Cafe

Wine cork wreath

Purple door

Rose and rows

Jabe & Fenton

Tasting room entrance

Vintner Jabe

Fenton & a flower pot

After sampling a few of Jabe’s wines (funny how each tasted better than the last!), it was time to move along to Unicoi State Park and find my “squirrels nest” campsite before squeezing in a stroll around Georgia’s pseudo-alpine tourist haven, Helen.

Helen is German-styled town nestled on the Chattahoochee River.  It is famous for its Oktoberfest, which just officially kicked off the day of my visit.  The atmosphere was festive, but I had focus; my main mission here was to eat pizza, drink a stout beer, and hit Hansel and Gretel Candy Kitchen, always a world of delicious no-no’s.  All missions should be so simple and so rewarding!

Chattahoochee at Helen
Helen's main strip
Helen's biergarten

Rooftop spire and half moon

Troll Tavern on the river

So, finally, the Sun down to end a full day one of my excursion, I made way back to my “squirrels nest” at Unicoi and spent the rest of the night remembering why I so love our bed back home!

Check back soon for My Mountain Retreat part 3 – Falling for Waterfalls!

Also check out Mountain Madness: a Fall Trip Chronicle for another account from the north Georgia mountains!


4 comments on “My Mountain Retreat part 2 – Wine on Tiger Mountain

  1. mdmack
    September 20, 2013

    These are all beautiful pictures. I see them on the bottoms of the blog now and some I remembered seeing. Is Jabe’s wife still teaching? His artistic doors and exhibits are just beautiful colors etc. Eager to hear what the dr. said. Love Mom


  2. Grande Falcone
    September 20, 2013

    Thanks Mom. Barbara is doing some tutoring. They actually have a lot of interaction with the gang over at Covecrest retreat center, as well. Yes, the decor at the winery is beautiful. When I arrived there, Jabe was actually out trying to track down a bear to chase off.

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