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Friday Five – Inside Falcone

This week, I got some good news and some bad news: I have my first kidney stone.  Yes, that’s both sides of the news.

It’s currently non-obstructive, but I know that it’s eventually going to hurt like hell.  On the bright side, my symptoms could have also indicated cancer, and I would pass on cancer to pass a stone any day!

A surprise bonus was that I got to bring home a CD with my CT scan on it.  That was both fascinating and amusing, as I got to see a whole new side of myself: my inside!  So, today’s Friday Five is one I never dreamed I would post. I hope you enjoy . . . and even still, somehow, want to come back.

The Bear inside CT Stingray Gone batty Souvenir bullring Yawning skeletal bear

Just remember, boys and girls, you never know what’s truly inside of you until you try looking from some different perspectives!

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