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Friday Five – Offensive Falcons

Happy Friday, Folks!

Last week brought a surprise front of cool pre-Fall air that settled in around Atlanta.  And last Thursday, with the Falcons playing the Ravens on TV, preseason no matter, the spirit was close enough to pretend.  Football season is close at hand!

What better time to start breaking out some new Falcons content?

The Falcons certainly have some questions to answer, but many agree that these five “offensive Falcons” could be the stuff of legends in 2013.

I.  Matt Ryan

Ryan just got paid, but I think he’s just ready to play some ball.  You know, the thing I love most about Ryan is that, as mild mannered as he seems off-field, he’s by all accounts a warrior on the gridiron.

Matt Ryan

II.  Julio Jones

Man, Julio.  The sky’s the limit for this guy this season.

Julio Jones

III.  Roddy White

I don’t think anyone can appreciate the current Falcons regime more than this guy.  The old Vick days just didn’t have him on a healthy road to becoming the professional baller he is today.

Roddy White

IV.  Tony Gonzalez

One more year!  This guy’s a freak of nature.  I really hope he takes every opportunity this season to bestow his craft on his backup replacements. 

Tony Gonzalez

V.  Steven Jackson

I miss Michael Turner.  Jackson isn’t much younger than Turner, but he will open things up even further for the offense.  Here’s just hoping he finds a nice spot next to Tony Gonzalez by the waters of the Fountain of Youth. 

Steven Jackson

Have a great weekend, Everyone! 


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