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More Pictures of Louisville

In Louisville, Kentucky last weekend, we had the rare chance to stroll the streets downtown.  Here are some shots from around the town.

If you didn’t know already, Kentucky loves its horses . . . thus its famous Derby.

Painted Horse

The AEGON Center is Louisville’s tallest building.

AEGON Center

I have always liked its crown.  Seems like it could house a mean planetarium!

AEGON Center crown

Waterfront Plaza. I love its design. 

There was a classic cars and hot rods convention in town while we were there, so we saw a lot of cool old rides. This hood was particularly hot!Hot rod

E.ON U.S. Center.  Another lovely design.  

The castle-eque First Trust Centre.First Trust Centre

A look upward at the elevators of the Galt House hotel.

Galt House elevators

And the Belle of Louisville.

The Belle of Louisville

Even though we travel here yearly to visit family and friends, I think this was the first time I’ve ever really spent downtown.  I was really impressed with how clean and photogenic it was.  Cool little city!

If you missed it, be sure to check out yesterday’s Friday Five, which photographs the beautiful Cathedral of the Assumption.


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