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Friday Five – Cathedral of the Assumption

Cathedral of the Assumption, Louisville, KYMan, does Louisville, Kentucky have some beautiful Catholic Churches!

My family spent a long weekend visiting family and friends in Louisville, Kentucky.  Before leaving to return home on Sunday, we celebrated Mass at the Cathedral of the Assumption, located downtown.

Last year, we attended Mass at St. Agnes Catholic Church and were blown away by its beauty.  I was similarly awed this past weekend by the architecture at the Cathedral.

For this week’s Friday Five, here are five photos from inside the Cathedral. Enjoy!

The ceiling over the entryway stairs

Cathedral of the Assumption - Entryway ceiling

The stunning sanctuary and altar

Cathedral of the Assumption - Sanctuary

The ceiling of the sanctuary

Cathedral of the Assumption - Sanctuary ceiling

A chandelier hanging before a window with stained glass

Cathedral of the Assumption - Side window

An upward shot of a chandalier

Cathedral of the Assumption - Hanging light

Shucks. That makes five already!

Honestly, this church was so beautiful that it was hard to put the camera down, so . . . I’m going to share a couple more!

The magnificent pipe organ at the rear of the sanctuary

Cathedral of the Assumption - Pipe Organ

Closer shot of pipe organ.  And if you’re wondering if it was intended to resemble Jesus sitting on a glorious throne . . . beats me.  But it does.
Cathedral of the Assumption - Pipe organ

A beautiful stained glass at the rear of an alleyway beside the church

Cathedral of the Assumption - Stained glass

Have a great weekend, Everyone!

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