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Grande Falcone: Snake Whisperer

My two oldest kids and I recently helped my sister with some work around her yard. When we were ready to call it a day, my sister tried to have a seat on her front porch, only to find it already claimed by this nearly five-foot-long rat snake!

Rat Snake full frontal

Now, I’ll catch any six-inch brown snake I encounter in my garden, to show my kids.  I’ll even hold a larger snake if it’s a pet and used to being handled.  This one didn’t meet either of those criteria.

I knew that this fella was non-poisonous.  It was also clear that it had eaten within about half its length ago (that’s how snake diets are measured, right?), and he certainly wasn’t skittish and didn’t seem the least bit hostile.  Nevertheless, who am I to judge a snake’s character, and I wasn’t totally open to subjecting myself to a four-and-a-half-foot rat snake bite.  Even for my kids!

So, instead, I took position beneath a bird nest and unwittingly invited him to climb.  Luckily for me, despite briefly appearing to consider a trip into my shorts, he didn’t take the bait.  I’m thinking the yard work had left me such a sweaty mess that even a snake wouldn’t touch me!

Here’s the video and a couple more pictures of the beautiful snake.

Rat Snake

Rat Snake length


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