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Fathers Day Hodgepodge

I’ve spent the last two days blasting myself with carbs while enjoying an early celebration of my bride’s and my upcoming 15th Anniversary and working hard to redecorate my son Caleb’s room.  These wonderful days have left me a little flabby, so since it’s Fathers Day, I’m going to claim a pass on today’s weigh-in.  Sorry, but you’ll have to wait another week for new pics of my feet.

Poppy Cassidy Aidan

Meantime, if you weren’t around these parts last Fathers Day, make sure you check out my post, “From ‘Father’ to ‘Brother’: a Fathers Day Salute“.  I am so thankful that my father stayed close enough to God over the years to also stay close to me.  Love you, Dad!

Friday Five:  Fathers Day Sunday Edition

And finally, since I couldn’t fit in a Friday Five this week, here’s a quick list of five great movies about family and fatherhood.

I’ve already reviewed several of these to some degree, so just click on the movie name if you want to read more.

1. Courageous – An inspiring film that delivers a rich reminder for all fathers to live up to their calling.

2. Big Fish – Seeing his father now dying, Will Bloom is determined to separate fleeting fact from certain myth in his father’s life in an attempt to get to know the ‘true’ man.

3. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close – Thomas Horn is brilliant as 9-year old, borderline-Asperger Oskar Schell, whose father, portrayed by Tom Hanks, was killed in the 9/11 attacks.

4. Cinderella Man – In a last-chance bid to help his family, impoverished ex-prizefighter James Braddock returns to the ring. Fueled by something beyond mere competition, he shocks the world.

5. Lifted – The story of 13-year Henry, whose Marine reservist father is called to active service in Afghanistan. This is particularly difficult for the Henry’s family, because his mother is a recovering addict struggling to stay sober and because Henry’s father is also his best friend.

As for myself, I’m taking a few of the kids to see Man of Steel today and swinging by my parents’ home to give my dad a hug.  If you can still hug your dad, hug him.  If you can only call him, call him.  If he’s gone from this world, pray for him, forgive him, and love him.

Happy Fathers Day you guys!



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