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Friday Five – Tornados

With this week’s Friday Five, I do not under any circumstances intend to make light of tragedies left behind by tornados, but I have always found them fascinating.

Once, my parents and I found ourselves beneath a sky that threatened to drop at any second.  I was only a kid at the time, but I remember looking up and watching in awe as the black clouds churned, as if boiling within.  No tornado formed, but I will never forget that feeling of absolute awe.

I’ve only actually seen a funnel cloud once in my life, and it was on my way to get married (insert your own punchline here).  But today, most people have video cameras always in pocket, and as a result, there is some truly amazing footage out there.

Here are five of the most incredible tornado videos I’ve ever seen.  In some cases, they might be better viewed with the sound down, because the language is generally laced with either profanity or idiocy, but I nevertheless find them spellbinding to watch.

Have a great weekend, Everyone!


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