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Wednesday Wordplay – “Credibility”

Credibility definition

From a strictly financial standpoint, college textbooks are a terrible investment.  In fact, I always said that if I taught an economics course, I would automatically fail anyone who actually purchased the textbook.  And yet, as the monetary value of a textbook plummets upon purchase, the book itself does provide an avenue toward credibility in a given field.

And credibility is everything.  Take this interesting example, found by one of my son’s friends while rummaging through a massive “spring-cleaning” trash pile in a neighbor’s yard (long story, don’t ask).


This, dear friends, is a book to instill instant credibility to any bookshelf.

Credibility is important in many areas of life and critical to success in most professional fields.  Surgery is one such field, so when you open the expensive textbook above to find the below inscribed on the inside cover, you know immediately that it commands respect. 

Scary Inscription

Any questions?

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