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Friday Five – TGIF!

A true techno-geek can tell you everything you don’t need to know about GIF (pronounced either “Jiff” or “Giff”) image format.  All I can say is that it’s a useful way to share a short, sometimes awe-inspiring, looping videos.

Here are five terrific GIFs to make you say, “TGIF!”

1.  Sometimes, it’s tough to tell if one is even real, but I’m pretty sure this one is.  And it’s without a doubt one of the most incredible moves I’ve ever seen!

2.  A good GIF can make the most mundane activities look fascinating, especially in reverse.  Take eating cotton candy, for example.

3.  Occasionally, you find one that you never had any business seeing to begin with, and yet you can’t look away.

How to lower your level of attractiveness

4.  Tough guy Jean-Claude Van Damme’s big screen debut, as an extra from 1984’s candidate for worst film ever made, Breakin’.  Who knew?

5.  Then there’s this.  Serious high-speed wookification.
15 Gifs That Are Way Awesomer In Reverse

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Have a great weekend, Everyone!


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