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Tuesday Tunage – AC/DC

With a recent discovery of old LP records in our basement closet, I’m taking a few weeks to spotlight old gems from those albums. While you might know the artists, you might not know the songs, so I hope you’ll listen in with me!

Rock legends AC/DC first introduced me to all kinds of things parents don’t want their kids introduced to.  Their 1980 classic “You Shook Me All Night Long” was one of the greatest sounds my 7-year old ears had ever heard.  I would sing it in the raspiest voice my little throat could muster, with no clue of what the words actually meant.  To this day, I’m not sure if my parents’ disregard for the words coming from my mouth was more wisdom or willful denial, but I was lapping it up!

AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapThe next year came a delayed U.S. release of their album Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (it was released in Australia in 1976).  Dirty Deeds . . . introduced me to all kinds of shallow, debaucherous tales, from songs like “Love at First Feel” and “Big Balls” to “Problem Child”, which taught me a certain “F-word” that I soon found out from another, more learned kid meant, “a mom and dad kissing in bed.”

The album’s penultimate song, “Ride On”, however, carried a different vibe.  Its slow, standard blues conveyed an introspective vibe, and its lyrics rose up like a bubble of conscience amid the slurred, blurred world of a hardcore rocker.  Today, “Ride On” still holds up as well as anything from that era.

As a bonus, you should check out this hilarious AC/DC tribute from comedian Jim Breuer.  His impersonation of the band’s second (and current) vocalist Brian Johnson is spot on.  Be careful if you’re drinking anything, because you just might spray it all over your computer, laughing. Enjoy!


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