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Wednesday Wordplay – A Son to Look Up To

One of the first songs I wrote was for my oldest son Aidan, when he was little.   The song was called “Morning, Son”, and the lyrics are below (unfortunately, I couldn’t find the recording to post here).Rainy Day Aidan

Morning, Son
Raise your head, it’s time to go
Fire is racing to reach the sky;
We gotta catch it on the fly, and harness it
n your smile, for safe-keeping.

Morning, Son
Open your eyes to the brand new day

To new ways and new ideas.
Come, my boy, there’s electric

Sense of hope.

You gotta take your stands in the sunrise.

The double entendre between “Morning, Son” and “Morning sun”, of course, was intentional.  The song was a call for him to seize life passionately, and that life is a warm, positive thing and full of promise, if that’s how you approach it.  My silent prayer was that he grow into a man I could look up to.

Now, fourteen years later, Aidan has wrapped up middle school!  He will be off to high school in the fall and well on his way to becoming a man.

My wife and I were both the youngest children in our families growing up, so we have fundamentally different life perspectives from Aidan, the oldest of five.  Sometimes, of course, this causes friction, but in that friction comes the shaping and crafting of a man. 

Two men, in fact

And so, I tell him that I am proud of him even in our disagreements, Catherine and the boysbecause he is learning to take stands.  The stands he takes might not all be the best, but they are backed by some principle, some courage that will serve him well when his positions mature.

But after growing nearly half a foot in the past year, Aidan has matched my height.  Funny thing is that it’s taken me 40 years to care about my posture, and now it’s only to eek out another day as the tallest member of my family. 

Clearly, the time is near when I will indeed “look up to” Aidan, leading me to chuckle, But Lord, that’s not exactly what I had in mind!


One comment on “Wednesday Wordplay – A Son to Look Up To

  1. Anonymous
    May 22, 2013

    good post Steve.

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