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Homage to Moms

Re-posting from last year. Happy Mothers Day to all you moms out there, and blessings to you all for everything you do every day!

Falcone's Crossroads

“Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.”
William Makepeace Thackeray

You can’t ever fully appreciate a mother’s love for her children until you become one. Being a man, this leaves me at a disadvantage in gaining such an appreciation. And thank God for that.

I’ll never have to keel over while some little gymnast-in-utero swings from my rib cage.

I’ll never have to squeeze a cantaloupe out of my nose (metaphorically speaking. Or literally, for that matter.).Mothers Day

I’ll never have to work to get a baby to “latch on” to my nipples.

I get to sleep at night while my children’s mother stays up mentally readying all their appointments.

And yet, I am only the man I am because one person in the entire history of the world did these things for me. So, while I can perhaps never fully appreciate a…

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