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Hats off to Jim Ellis Automotive Group

My son Caleb turned eight this past weekend.  As you might recall, he is quite a car enthusiast.

Maseratis are his favorite, so when a friend who works for Jim Ellis Volkswagen told me that Jim Ellis had recently opened a Maserati dealership, I thought a visit there could be a great birthday present for Caleb.

Now, when I was a kid going through my “cars phase”, my parents took me to a Ferrari dealership.  After I had sat in a couple cars, a salesman approached and told me bluntly that, if I wasn’t going to buy one, then I shouldn’t be touching them.

Being but a wee lad, the memory stuck, and behind that memory, I called Jim Ellis Maserati before making the trip.  I would’ve hated to arrive with my birthday boy only to have security promptly see us off the premises.  I explained to the friendly receptionist that I had a son who was turning eight and wanted to see some Maseratis for his birthday.  She told us to come on in and that we might even be able to get a picture of him sitting in one.

When we arrived Saturday morning, they received us warmly.  They answered Caleb’s and my questions, and unlocked each of the showroom cars so Caleb could sit in them.  Oh, alright, I sat in them, too.  And let me just say, they were SWEET!

Caleb blue MaseratiCaleb’s eyes lit up as the salesman discussed pricing, saying “Oh, this one’s priced at one-thirty-eight” and “that one over there is one-fifty.”  Caleb said, “Well, I just got ninety yesterday for my birthday, so I could almost buy one!”  He deflated somewhat when I taught him the hard truth that when discussing Maserati pricing, “one-fifty” actually means “one-hundred, fifty-THOUSAND dollars.”

I had fully intended to buy some souvenir or accessory just to give them some business from our visit, but when I asked if they had a little shop, the salesman instead retrieved a Maserati cap from a gift bag in his office, and gave us a beautiful promotional booklet about a new model coming out.

Some might view these as mere trinkets from a luxury car dealer, but, as the Ferrari dealer demonstrated, the staff did not have to be so accommodating.  They knew in advance that we were not going to buy a Maserati, and they welcomed us just the same.

In fact, before we left, he suggested that I should also take Caleb to the Porsche dealer down the block.  Caleb agreed, and Jim Ellis Porsche, too, received us warmly.  They allowed us to sit inside the floor models and even gave Caleb a huge Porsche wall calendar.  Though the calendar was 2012, each month contained a full poster-sized print of a different Porsche model.

Again, totally unnecessary for the staff to do that, but I sure am glad they did.

And if you still don’t appreciate the value of that Maserati hat, the Porsche dealership did have some items to sell, including Porsche-brand ball-point pens that ranged from $160 to $370 dollars!

Caleb in Porsche

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