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Wednesday Wordplay – Sniglets

“Ai Yai Yai! What’s wrong with my eye?!”
– Anonymous

Happy hump day, Everyone!

Comedian Rich Hall defined a “sniglet” as “any word that doesn’t appear in the dictionary, but should.”

In other words, sniglets are made up words.Enigmatism

For example, do you ever get something in your eye that you can’t identify?  You can’t ever see it in the mirror, but you can feel it scraping your eyeball every time you blink.  Eventually, it passes, forever unsolved, leaving you to wonder what the heck was in your eye.

Well, now you know: it was an enigmatism.

Another one I use is browshackle, or a spiderweb that catches you straight across the eyebrows.  And you know, I’m always amazed by the various places I can find browshackles.  I could be crossing the center of an eight-lane intersection and run into one!

Now, I’m pretty proud of these two, because they’re my own, and I take my jollies wherever I can get them. But there are a ton of them out there.  Here are a few for your amusement:

Blamestorming – Group discussion on who screwed up and why.

Cheedle  – The orange residue on one’s fingertips after eating Cheetos.

CheedleGenerica – Features of the North American cultural landscape that are exactly the same, regardless of where you go (i.e., fast food joints, strip malls, and subdivisions).

WOOFies – Well-Off Older Folks.

Maypop – A balding tire.

Baldage – The accumulation of hair in the shower drain.

Charp – The green, mutant potato chip found in every bag.

Dunkinhackin – The violent coughing attack caused by accidentally inhaling the sugar off a powdered donut.

Gription – The squeaking sound of sneakers on the floor during basketball games.

Flabalanche – What happens when a fat guy loosens his belt.  Hey, don’t hate, it’s happened to me, so I can talk!

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