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Tuesday Tunage Time Machine

“Tuesday Tunage” is a weekly spotlight for music I deem worthy of a spotlight. To make it worth all of our time, I’ll do my best to emphasize tunes you probably haven’t heard before that represent the art in all its glorious varieties.

With the recent discovery of my old LP records in our basement closet, I think I’ll continue where I left off last week and spend a few weeks spotlighting old gems from those albums; a “Tuesday Time Machine”, if you will.  I hope you’ll listen in with me.

Phil Collins Face ValuePhil Collins was rock royalty in the 1980’s, finding amazing success, both with the band Genesis and on his own.  Nowadays, after an unlistenable final Genesis effort and a parade of Disney hits, people forget that this guy once ruled as a serious musician.

Face Value (1981) was Collins’ solo debut.  Today, with its ambitious stylistic sweep, from the moody classic “In the Air Tonight” to the loose “I Missed Again”, the album still largely holds up.

The most impressive stretch on the album spans the final three songs of “side one” (tracks 4-6, for the digital generation).  Here, Collins begins with the sparsely-arranged delta blues-tinged “The Roof is Leaking” then segues into the exotic, prog-rock instrumental “Droned” and on into the blissful world jazz of “Hand in Hand”.

“Hand in Hand” has actually been in my standard rotation since I first bought the album during my Miami Vice craze around 1985, but the entire song trilogy is worthy of the spotlight, so here it is for you.

Click below, and enjoy!

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