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Friday Five – More “Life Hacks”

Last month, I posted some helpful suggestions for dealing with cords around the home.  Here are some more helpful tips for the everyday.

1) This is just so practical!Muffin pan

2)  This . . . is not.  But it is pretty cool. Presidential Shirt

3)  I love this guy’s expression.  I also love the movie choice about a guy who can’t remember anything. Memento hack

Side note:  Your smart phone itself is probably the king of all life hacks.  Just having the anytime camera access alone allows you to:

  • Take pictures of your kids when you get to the amusement park, so you have a current picture when you lose a kid amongst the throng.  It happens, I’m just sayin’.
  • For that matter, take a picture of the bar code on your park ticket to present at the ticket counter, in case you lose your ticket (this happened to us during a day of park-hopping at Disney.  Same trip when the kid tip above would’ve been useful, in fact).
  • Take a picture of your parking location at the mall or airport, so when you come back in town from a week abroad, or return from an epic shopping adventure at the mall, you’ll know where to go.

4) But when it comes to listening to music from your iPhone, sometimes you just don’t want to mess with those pesky earbuds.  Just throw your iPhone in a bowl, glass, or tin and you’ll find a free amplifier.  I use this hack frequently.

Another side note:  Just to be clear, no, this is not a picture of my phone, and no, I have no idea what that person is listening to.

DIY iPhone amp

5)  This one’s pretty clever, too, for your day at the beach or pool.  What is a little rest and relaxation without an element of “cloak and dagger” intrigue?

Suntan Safe

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Have a wonderful weekend, Everyone!


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