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Falcone’s Crossroads Welcomes #200!

After a difficult weekend, I’m happy to announce a small piece of good news today: Falcone’s Crossroads has just gained its 200th subscriber!Catherine and Me

It took two years to gain my first hundred subscribers, so I am heartened to say that it took only six months to add another hundred.  Many thanks to all of you who keep coming back for more!

Here at Falcone’s Crossroads, I want to entertain my readers while occasionally provoking them to think about things in a different way.

To help readers navigate, posts are divided into the categories described below.  You can access them either by clicking on the names below or at any time in the sidebar menu to the left.

Crossroads Categories

L’Avenue d’Artiste – In addition to doing all kinds of writing, I also enjoy drawing and writing and recording music. This is where to find a gallery of my original art, music, fiction, and poetry.

Loafers Lane – Therapeutic non-productivity, broken very casually into the following five sub-categories:

  • Books & FilmMostly movie reviews with some book talk sprinkled in.
  • Food & DrinkRecipes, restaurant suggestions, etc..
  • Football SquawkLifelong Atlanta Falcons fan here, and this is where I squawk. 
  • Music NotesThe catch-all for music talk.  Includes all “Tuesday Tunage” content (see below).
  • General Loafing For non-specific non-productive matters.

Periodicals Parkway – Four sub-categories of recurring fare, to keep the traffic moving through the Crossroads.

  • The Monday JumpA weekly quote to help jump start your Monday (unless I need my own jump start!).
  • Tuesday TunageA weekly spotlight for “unsung” music I deem worthy of a spotlight.
  • Wednesday Wordplay – A witty weekly “hump day” sedative.
  • Friday Five – A general category for categories, everything from beach photos to pics of noses (yes, “pics” as in “pictures”). 

Philosophers’ Row – From the Higgs boson to the Holy Ghost, here are topics worthy of deeper reflection.

The Weigh Station – Weekly “weigh-ins” on my efforts to lose 100 pounds.  (I started off weighing 313.  Well, not when I was born, of course!).

Crossing Guard – Here you’ll find anything that doesn’t fit neatly into the aforementioned categories.

I hope you take the time to peruse the website, and if you like anything you see, please come on back anytime!  Thank you again for staying tuned!




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