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Tuesday Tunage – The Shins

“Tuesday Tunage” is a weekly spotlight for music I deem worthy of a spotlight. To make it worth all of our time, I’ll do my best to emphasize tunes you probably haven’t heard before that represent the art in all its glorious varieties.

Ever since I first heard The Shins’ music in the 2004 film Garden State, they struck me as uniquely hip.  Buoyantly fun, lyrically eloquent, and sonically deep, they became “that” band that I was always “about to” check out but never quite did.

Until last summer.

Then, out of nowhere, local radio began regularly rotating in the band’s amazing first hit, “New Slang”, from Garden State soundtrack, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  I didn’t even recognize it as The Shins before doing a little research, and from that moment, the band was a pretty quick dig for me.

Super ShinsTheir music is such a pleasant blend of indie-pop sensibility, neo-folk charm, and warm psychedelic textures that it’s hard not to be drawn in.

This week’s spotlight kicks off the new spring with The Shins’ “Bait and Switch”, from last year’s album Port of Morrow.

I hope you enjoy the Youtube below.  And maybe play a little air guitar, too!


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