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Weigh Station 2013: Week 12 – $#!++y Week!

My attitude tanked this week.

Eating right was a super-uphill struggle, then I found myself very limited physically through much of the week.

My wonderful time last weekend (bowling and walking downtown) left one knee terribly sore, so in lieu of going for any long walk-runs, I got the bright idea on Tuesday to see if I could “invisible jump rope” (i.e., jump rope without a jump rope) for five straight minutes.

Five minutes . . . what a lame challenge, right?  WRONG!

Yes, I made it the full five minutes, but my calves didn’t relax again until late Friday.  I spent most of the week walking like Frankenstein.  In fact, I groaned like him for most of the week, too.

Now I find myself still groaning, but at least it’s not from pain right now.  Now it’s just disappointment and a messed up mindset that I need to get right.

So, for those counting, my total this week is up 4.1 pounds from last week.  😦

Officially welcoming prayers again, for those with prayers to spare!

weekly weigh-in 032413


2 comments on “Weigh Station 2013: Week 12 – $#!++y Week!

  1. Christie
    March 25, 2013

    I dig! Don’t think I’ve exercised or eaten a vegetable since we got to the States. :/ Groan. Hope this week goes better!

  2. Grande Falcone
    March 25, 2013

    Thanks, me too!

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