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Wednesday Wordplay: The Right “Ue” to Segue

As snooty as I can be about the English language, I must admit that I have plenty of my own shortcomings.

For instance, until recently, I thought the word “segue” was spelled “segueway”.

You see, I first learned the word at Phish concertsLanguage Instructor and in Phish chat rooms back in the day, where “Phishheads” gushed over the band’s ability to transition smoothly [or segue] from one song into another.  Somehow, from that crowd, I gathered that the “ue” was silent and that “segue” (pronounced “seg”) was the verb version of a greater noun “segueway”.

I was wrong.

Through the wonders of spell check, I’ve now attained an even higher plane of understanding than I ever did in my old days as a Phishhead.  Turns out, there’s no “way” in “segue”.  Or, more correctly, the “ue” is the “way”.

“No way!” I said.

Well, that’s what I said, but what I meant was, “Noue!”


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