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Whoa! Nolan’s going “Interstellar”!

A few years back, Steven Spielberg was queued up to direct Interstellar, a “realistic” time travel movie based on the theories of Caltech physicist Kip Thorne. When I heard about it, I immediately started salivating. I “Googled” it occasionally (but not enough to be considered fanatical, by my standards) to check progress, but updates came frustratingly slow.

At one point I read that Jonathan Nolan (brother of Inception director Christopher Nolan and writer for several of Christopher’s films) was being considered for screenwriting, and I my exciting renewed, but news soon fizzled again. By this time last year, I’d pretty much shelved my excitement altogether. Inception hallway

Then came Friday’s news that Jonathan Nolan is indeed crafting a screenplay for Interstellar but that it will be directed not by Spielberg but by Christopher Nolan!

My head immediately caved in on itself.

A mind-bending story (involving theoretically sound time-travel) from a proven, super-intelligent team (Thorne himself will executive produce) with the bottomless coffers of not one but two studio giants (Paramount and Warner Bros.)? I mean, come on: am I on Candid Camera?

The press release nebulously describes the film as “a heroic interstellar voyage to the furthest reaches of our scientific understanding,” but who are they kidding? Let’s go ahead and call it the greatest film ever made.

Consider November 7, 2014 marked on my calendar. My wife’s birthday is the next day. She’ll be so impressed that I will have spent some 608 days planning for her birthday date night.

Now, what to do for her birthday this coming November . . .

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